LUTRON EM-1910 7-in-1 Environmental Conditions Meter

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Lutron 7-in-1 Environmental Conditions Meter (EM-1910).

  • Measures:
    • Sound
    • Light
    • Dew point
    • Wet bulb
    • Heat index
    • Humidity/Temperature
    • Type k Temperature (with optional probe).
  • Compact bone shape case design makes it easy to handle with one hand.
  • High precision humidity sensor with fast response time.
  • Built- in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy.
  • Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall.
  • ° F / ° C switchable by pressing button on the front panel.
  • Hold function to freeze the current reading value.

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LUTRON EM-1910 7-in-1 Environmental Conditions Meter

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