RIGOL Digital Oscilloscope (1000 Series)

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The 1000 Series from RIGOL include the B, D, and E series oscilloscopes. The E Series are the value leader with 50-100 MHz models that include 2 channels and 1 Million points of memory. The D Series add low speed digital capture enabling basic mixed signal analysis in a economic package. The B Series provide more speed and power including our economic 4 channel, 200 MHz DS1204B model which provides 2 GSa/sec sampling. With features including FFTs, record and replay, roll mode, alternate trigger mode, and adjustable trigger sensitivity the 1000 Series is a great entry for value oscilloscope requirements.

Product Feature   Customer Benefit
  1 to 2 GSa/s Max Sample Rate   Provides fine resolution and detail in high speed signals
  5.7” QVGA Display   Improved view for an entry level oscilloscope
  Up to 1 Million points of memory   memory depth enables signal zoom and analysis of longer waveforms
  Trigger modes including edge, pulse width, slope, video, pattern, continuous time, and alternate   Advanced trigger modes speed debugging and analysis. Alternating trigger mode is especially useful for non time correlated signals.

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RIGOL Digital Oscilloscope (1000 Series)

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